A Message from the Owner, Dr. Colleen M. Murray, PhD, LPC

I consider it a privilege to help people work through some of the most painful issues and concerns in their lives. Everyone under my care is treated with the utmost of dignity and respect; I will take to heart your unique circumstances and build a relationship of trust that facilitates healing.

Who We Are

Find the answers you’ve been looking for during the most stressful times in your life when you turn to Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center in Saint Robert, Missouri, for individual and couples marriage therapy, children and family therapy. While we do not accept insurance, we are happy to provide you, upon request, documentation that may assist you in obtaining reimbursement from your insurance. For those concerned about cost, we are happy to work with you to ensure you get the therapy you need in a way that does not create a financial hardship.

Our Mission and Vision

At Victor’s Crown, our mission is to provide family, marriage, individual, adolescent, and child counseling services through licensed professional counselors who are individually, and collectively as a staff, rooted in the Christian faith and who provide practical and meaningful counseling/advice/solutions that enable clients to persevere through and overcome the issues for which they are seeking help.

We aspire to be the premier counseling center of the Ozarks serving all counseling demographics; recognized for excellence throughout Christian and secular circles; staffed with biblically grounded, born-again believing Christian clinicians committed to personal reliance upon the Holy Spirit and Godly wisdom for ministering with practical healing solutions.

What Is Christian Counseling?

Our belief is that Christian Counseling is NOT proselytizing, is NOT preaching, and is NOT Bible thumping.  Your religious beliefs are yours alone; we are here to help you navigate through problems or issues so that you can reclaim your life.  If you desire your therapy to include an emphasis on the Christian faith with Biblical truths, we will be happy to do that upon your request.

We believe that Christian Counseling is quite simply Christian therapists helping people in need.  Our clinicians are born-again believers professing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  As born-again believers, our trained and certified clinicians will approach you with love, compassion, understanding, and honesty as they personally seek God’s wisdom to guide them as they apply accepted professional therapeutic methods in your personalized counseling program.


Teletherapy or telephone therapy provides a convenient, affordable means for you to receive mental health services from the comfort of their own home, without having to come into an office. And research shows it is effective!

Rural communities have been using teletherapy successfully for over a decade, so this is not a new or untested mode. The service has many different names. Video Chat TherapyOnline therapy, phone therapySkype therapy and more. It is an important vehicle to allow people to be able to engage in and benefit from mental health services when face to face sessions are not possible for any reason. People choose phone or online therapy for many reasons: a busy schedule that does not allow commute time to and from sessions, a long commute, lack of childcare, traveling, being homebound, bad weather with poor driving conditions, or to avoid germs during flu season.